Finding Your Heart

Do you ever walk along the shoreline searching for heart-shaped rocks? It can’t be just me. I know I’m not the only one with a romanticized view of the world.

During my last search, as the heavy mist and cool spring breeze was chilling me to the bone, I had been searching, for what felt like hours, only to realize that I probably had stepped over dozens, scanned too quickly and missed even more, probably missing the perfect one that was right in front of me. It was then that I realized this quest was so true to life. This quest to find your heart.

Some people can step on to the beach and find a heart immediately. No need for a long search, it’s perfect from the first moment. Others walk for miles and miles never finding one that suits them. A different beach, a different day, a different mood, still nothing. There are even those that walk right along, not interested in the search, never taking the time to find what could be waiting right in front of them. Finally there are those that are holding one in their hand, appearing happy and content then, at some point, another is right there, more beautiful and perfect than the first.

My favorite alone time activity is the quest for hearts. I breathe deep and just walk. Walking, searching head down, scanning every inch of the rocky parts of the beach. Everyone needs to find their heart.

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